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Tips for choosing a hotel for a vacation

 When vacation time is almost here, what will you prepare for the holidays? In addition to ordering transportation tickets,

definitely not to be missed the hotel. The reason is, the hotel is one of the most important places to visit


we rest during our vacation.

Choosing the right hotel for us seems to be difficult and easy, there are many important things to consider

when choosing a hotel. For example, location, facilities and also price. This time I will give tips

choose a hotel so that your vacation remains comfortable.

1. location

choose a location with easy access and close to your destination, you might explore some tourist attractions that are nearby

the hotel where you stay.


choose a location that is near the culinary or tourist place you want to go. Choosing a hotel that is close to a tourist attraction is

the best idea so you can save your budget. Although there may be room rates that are slightly more expensive, at least you won't have to pay for it

addition to transportation. Because usually the destination can be reached by just walking from the hotel.

If you want to enjoy a quiet atmosphere, you can choose a location that is a bit far from the crowds,

2. Breakfast package

Looking for a hotel that provides breakfast packages is a pretty interesting idea. That means you can enjoy breakfast without having to bother


buy again from outside That way, you can allocate funds for lunch or dinner only. So you can save more

Many hotels already provide room rates including breakfast.

3. Time

avoid times during the holiday season. Make sure to choose the right time to stay, you can get a cheaper room rate.


by way of messages from far in advance. It doesn't only have an impact on the price of expensive airline tickets, but also the price of the room

hotels can also be more expensive than usual days. Timing is crucial for determining your budget stay.

4. Facilities

Facilities are very important when you stay and make your vacation more enjoyable. other than as a place to rest at the hotel,

swiming pole

You can also enjoy other facilities provided by the hotel where you stay. such as swimming pool facilities, fitness center, spa services,

to the basics such as the internet can help you do various activities while you're staying

5. Food

if you like snacks it would be better if you bring your own snacks from home, so that when you feel hungry, just go ahead


eat snacks that have been brought without the hassle of buying again. at the hotel where you stay, usually a refrigerator is provided with a variety of snacks

and drinks, but at an additional charge. In order to avoid these additional expenses, it's better if you bring enough snacks

during the stay.

Those were some tips for choosing a hotel that you can follow. Vacationing with family or friends is indeed a fun activity

fun because you can feel a different atmosphere.