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Have you ever imagined being in or even owning a cafe with a beautiful design that is both attractive and unique? It's not just food that you need
highlighted in a cafe, now a unique cafe design plays a very important role

This time I will discuss unique cafes in the world, maybe with the usual concept you have visited this cafe but maybe with unique concepts you will rarely visit or see the cafe. Here are some of the most unique cafes in the world

1. Upside Down Cafe

This cafe building was built with the concept upside down. The location of this cafe is in Wertheim Germany. This cafe deserves to be called a Unique cafe in the world,
and it feels incomplete if this cafe is not visited if you are on vacation in Germany. Cafe which opened in 2016. This cafe is becoming
very famous after being widely discussed because of its uniqueness

because of its uniqueness, every corner of this cafe is ultimately used by visitors to take photos, and share them on social media.
the article is not only the outer building that is made upside down, the contents and almost all of the items in this cafe are also made upside down

2. Murinsel Cafe

The building whose construction is made of steel is 47 m long and is made like a half-open shell. and designed by Vito Hannibal Aconci,

an architect from New York. This place finally succeeded in making the Mur River the center of attention in the city.

Located in Graz, Austria, this coffee shop looks like an island. This coffee shop shines with a bright blue color and the visitors
enjoy how it feels floating in the river while drinking coffee

3. Disaster Café, Spain

For those of you who are an adrenaline junkie, then you can come to this one cafe. Here you can feel coffee while being shaken by an earthquake
measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale.

But don't worry, the earthquake was an artificial earthquake or a simulated earthquake created from the movement of machines from under the floor.
This cafe, which is located in Lloret de Mar, Spain, also all of the waiters and visitors wearing anti-earthquake active gear.

4. H.R. Giger Bar, Switzerland

Want to feel the sensation of eating together with aliens from fantasy films? This one-of-a-kind cafe in the world was designed by a surrealist artist
named Giger who often works on special effects for films with alien themes. No wonder the building and interior of this cafe

very detailed and feels the sensation when you watch an alien movie. Many skeleton sculptures fill this cafe. Starting from chairs, tables,
lamps, and other trinkets. The place is very beautiful and interesting to be a photo spot. If you go on vacation to Switzerland and take a walk around
Switzerland, it is mandatory for you to stop by at H.R. Giger Bar for a moment.

5. Modern Toilet, Taiwan

If you come to this cafe, maybe you will be nauseous. Modern Toilet is a cafe that takes the concept of anti-mainstream. Where are the plates and containers
The food used is shaped like a toilet. Since it first opened in 2004, the Modern Toilet Cafe has become viral among domestic tourists
and abroad in Taiwan. Now, this unique cafe has several branches spread across Asia including China and Japan.

Cafe Modern Toilet carries the concept of using a miniature closet as a plate. Then, the food is not far from the theme of feces and diarrhea.
This cafe is located in Xining, Taipei, Taiwan, Modern Taiwan. Even though it's ridiculous, the food is 100% safe to eat. are you interested in enjoying
food in the closet?

6. Labassin Waterfall, Philippines

This cafe serves a variety of Filipino dishes. but you can't come any time you want.
Because this cafe only operates at lunch time. how cool it is to enjoy lunch in front

a waterfall that of course splashes of water can wet our bodies. This cafe was built right under a waterfall.
The location of Labassin Waterfall is in the Villa Escudero area, San Pablo, Philippines