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Coffee History

 Coffee is the most popular hot drink in the world. Coffee is a drink made from roasted coffee beans

then puree by grinding and then brewed with hot water. coffee has a characteristic dark color,

bitter, and has a distinctive smell


in this modern era there are many variants of coffee dishes only served hot. there is a lot of coffee in modern times

Changes are served with ice such as espresso, French press, coffee latte, or canned coffee. for

To reduce the bitter taste of coffee or add to the taste, sweeteners such as sugar, milk or cream are added.

coffee latte

There are 2 types of coffee plants that are favorite for farmers to plant, namely Arabica and Robusta, this type of coffee is planted

more than 70 countries in the world such as in America, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and Africa on average

planted in the equatorial region.

coffee beans are the second highest trading commodity after petroleum, although coffee sales reach billions

dollars worldwide but in the process coffee farmers are disproportionately living in poverty.

The first time coffee was brewed and served as a drink was in the mid 15th century in Sufi temples (Yemen), by means of

Coffee beans are processed similar to today's, where the process is roasted and brewed.

In ancient times the Yemenis got coffee beans from the Ethiopian Highlands and through the Somali coast intermediaries

the people of yemen began to plant coffee trees. Around the 16th century,

The following are some types of coffee in the world:

1. Arabica Coffee

This type is the most popular among others because it has lower caffeine content,

the taste and aroma is more delicious Arabica coffee is a traditional coffee considered the most delicious by


coffee connoisseurs. Arabica coffee beans have the characteristics of a smaller bean shape than the robusta type

Arabica coffee has several varieties, namely:

- Colombian Coffee

- Colombian Milds

- Guatemala Huehuetenango

- Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

- Hawaiian Kona coffee

- Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

- Java coffee

2. Robusta Coffee

Robusta coffee beans are often used as instant coffee because the beans are not easily damaged by pests


therefore the cost of growing this type of coffee is cheaper and easier

This type of coffee also has a high caffeine content and is suitable for use to increase energy.

Robutsa coffee has several famous varieties, such as Luak Coffee, which comes from Indonesia

and natural coffee from the Philippines.

This coffee usually lives at an altitude of about 400-700 meters above sea level with a temperature of 21-24 ° C. which produces coffee beans

which is a little rough on the tongue and tastes sweet like chocolate

3. Liberica Coffee

This coffee comes from Liberia, West Africa. This coffee has bigger leaves, flowers, branches, fruit and trees

compared to Arabica and Robusta. It has relatively low fruit quality and this type of coffee is very fragile

against pest attack

4. Excelsa coffee

Excelsa coffee originating in west Africa, this kind of coffee may be found close to Lake Chad. Species of coffee It may be grown in lowland locations that are damp.

Because this variety of coffee is immune to illness, it is incredibly simple to maintain.

that's some discussion about the world of coffee

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