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Best Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween is a celebration that can be found in a number of countries on October 31, Some of those countries such as Mexico, England, and Ireland.

 To celebrate Halloween you can start from preparing home decorations, attractive costumes to making Halloween themed food.

To welcome Halloween, most people from various parts of the world make creations from food. Donuts, ice cream,

pastries, even noodles can be arranged with a Halloween theme.

Halloween in the United States is celebrated by children wearing ghost costumes and looking for candy with trick-or-treats.

The following are unique foods that you can serve on Halloween

1. Scary Chocolate

This dish is liked by many people because it has a sweet taste and improves mood You can decorate chocolate with various scary shapes as below, it's scary isn't it

2. Cookie Halloween

the next food is this food cookie is very easy to make and decorate as you wish
This food is one of the foods that is easy to find anywhere

3. Donut

This donut is very different isn't it? with a touch of creative hands this donut is very interesting maybe you can try it for halloween this time

4. Cupcake

This dish is indeed very easy to decorate, you can decorate it with various shapes with a Halloween theme

cup cake

5. Bread

this one bread is very different from usual because it is shaped like a human finger you can also add strowber jam to increase the effect of blood on the finger


6. Head Pumpkin

from year to year pumpkins are very favorite to be used as decorations during Halloween you can decorate them like faces and add lights in them so they can light up at night