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8 Most Important Things to Bring When You Go Camping

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? You can unwind by going to the outdoors. One way is to do

camping or camping activities.

Camping can be an alternative that you can try if you want a vacation that doesn't drain your budget.

This activity is very attractive to many people, especially parents who want to introduce nature to their children.

For those of you who have never experienced camping in the wild, you can start by visiting a campsite that is

organized and have guards. This aims to avoid things that are not desirable.

There is a lot of equipment that you must prepare so you don't get confused later. About any item

what to prepare first? Here are camping gear that you should not miss.

1. Tent


The first camping tool that you must have is a tent. You don't have to buy a tent because you can rent it at an affordable price.

There are various types of tents, ranging from scout tents, dome tents, to flysheets. Currently, dome tents are more in demand by many people.

The reason is because this type of tent is easier to set up and easy to carry everywhere.

Make sure that the tent you rent is of high quality. Check all the equipment, starting from the number of pegs, poles, and so on.

Oh yeah, you also have to make sure that your camping partner understands how to set up and set up a tent.

2. Cooking Utensils

cooking set

For convenience when camping, bring enough cooking utensils. Bring cooking utensils that are easy to carry, such as small pots, plates,

glasses, spoons, forks, to knives, and more. Because the need for food during camping is not too luxurious and requires fast processing,

You don't need to carry heavy cooking utensils, such as a pressure cooker. After all, why would you bring a pressure cooker when camping?

you can rent all outdoor cooking utensils. Choose the one that suits your needs in order to minimize the default onion.

3. Portable Stove

portable stove

we need to prepare our own food, either ready-made or ready-to-cook. because Camping in the open makes us

far from settlements that provide restaurants or restaurants. You can bring a special stove designed for outdoor activities.

In addition, the stove for camping can also be carried everywhere and is light when carried. the weight won't drain you. 

4. Food


Bring food that can be cooked quickly or food that is ready to be served for your camping activities.

For the selection of foodstuffs to be brought, first determine from home and also determine whether you are the right type

likes to cook or anti-complicated who likes instant food. if you want to cook with slightly complicated spices, my advice is to prepare

just from home so that when you get to the camp it won't be a hassle

5. First aid & Drugs

first aid

bring medicines that are useful during camping activities, considering that the camping site is far from the hospital. bring first aid like

cold medicine, balm, red medicine, cotton, plaster, and others.

We all don't know the condition of our bodies when we go camping. If you have an illness that requires certain medications,

bring your personal meds.

6. Sleeping Bag

So that we sleep well and the body doesn't get sore when we wake up, we must bring a sleeping bag

sleeping bag

serves as a base as well as a blanket. very useful to protect your body from cold air.

There are two types of sleeping bags that you can choose from, namely the blanket type and the mummy type. Both are equally comfortable and can be adapted to your needs.

You also don't need to buy this one because you can rent it at outdoor equipment rentals.

7. Flashlight

it is very important to bring a flashlight or headlamp. because in the campsite there is no lighting at all, We recommend you to


Bring a flashlight with LED lights because it is energy efficient, the light produced is brighter, and lasts longer.

avoid using lighting tools that require fuel oil so you don't have to bother to refill when the tool is on

the lighting is dim.

8. Raincoat

rain coat

Even though the weather forecast is told it will be hot or camping in the summer, rain can still fall in mountainous areas or highlands.

As the saying goes, prepare an umbrella before it rains, you must prepare your protection when it suddenly rains. Raincoat is mandatory

when we are camping. Make sure to put the raincoat in the most accessible place because the weather in nature is difficult to predict and you don't know when it will rain.