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7 tips for caring for cats to stay healthy

 Cats are the most popular pets. These adorable animals can create a new atmosphere at home.

when you raise a cat, Not only shelter and food, there are several other things you should pay attention to in


Caring for cats should not be careless. Make sure the cat is protected from diseases that can harm him or his family members at home.

There are many things that need to be considered, starting from providing adequate food and drinking, adequate cleaning of dirt, mandatory maintenance

cat hygiene, to check the cat to the doctor when he has health problems.

Here are some tips that you can prepare and do to take care of cats. What are those?

Here are some tips and tricks on how to take care of a cat

1. Proper Food

cat food

decide what food to give the cat. There are still many people who ignore the importance of nutrition that must be obtained by cats.

Feeding your cat the best quality food is a health investment for your cat.

Give Food with proper nutrition is one way to prevent various diseases.

Currently many recommend canned wet food over dry food,

the reason is because there are some drawbacks such as:

- Water content is too low

- High carbohydrates

- Vegetable protein content tends to be higher than animal protein

On the other hand, dry food can help keep your cat's teeth and gums healthy.

Wet food has its drawbacks, for example, it is prone to contamination with bacteria and fungi if not stored properly.

Wet food in cans also can't be stored for a long time when it's opened.

avoid giving him chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, macadamia nuts, alcohol, or xylitol, as these can be toxic to cats.

2. Fresh Water

fresh water

Cats really need adequate water and food intake. Give your cat access to fresh water at all times.

You will notice that your cat is drinking more when he eats dry food. Adult cats and nursing cats can be more susceptible

dehydrated than others. So watch for signs of dehydration such as sunken eyes, lethargy, and gasping for air.

Older cats and cats that breastfeed themselves are often more prone to dehydration than other cats,

3. Grooming


If you let your cat roam in the house, even in the bedroom, then be diligent about bathing it.

Cat hair that is left dirty and falls out can be scattered and stuck everywhere, such as piles of clothes to the mattress.

If left unchecked, dirty cat fur can actually interfere with human health, especially in respiratory problems.

In addition, if we do not keep the cat clean it will have a bad impact on the cat's own health.

Cat fur that is not cleaned can become a breeding ground for fleas and disease-carrying bacteria. Use special soaps and shampoos

cat so that the cat's hair does not fall out easily when he is bathed.

Don't forget to clean your ears, teeth and nails regularly. Because this section is very susceptible to germs and bacteria.

When bathing your cat, use cold or plain water. Avoid using hot water because it can damage the hair and

cause irritation to the skin.

4. Cat Toilet

Cats need sand as a toilet, you can make a box and then fill it with sand to make a cat toilet.

Make sure to place it in a quiet and easily accessible location. Avoid moving boxes, unless absolutely necessary.

Cats are reluctant to use a dirty and smelly litter box. Remove the dirt from the litter box once a day.

wash the litter box using detergent, refill the sand about once a week to keep it clean.

5. Invite To Play

play to cat

Cats love to play and are experts at creating their own games. Playing with cats will certainly be an activity

which is fun, not only for him, but for you too. Before you buy an expensive cat toy, try to experiment with things found around the house. For example, cats usually like to play with plastic bags, or cardboard boxes.

You can play with these objects with your beloved cat.

6. Safe Place

sleep cat

The next way to keep a cat is to provide a separate place for him, prepare a comfortable place for the cat to live

sleep at night, there are many different kinds of cat beds sold in pet shops that can be an option. Make sure the cat is in a comfortable and warm condition when he sleeps, because cats do not like cold places.

7. Vaccines

Vaccines can help prevent a variety of dangerous diseases that can affect cats.

Vaccination of cats is considered one of the easiest ways to help them live a long and healthy life.

Vaccination is a procedure that has risks and benefits that every pet owner should consider.

Vaccines help prepare a cat's immune system to fight off infection with disease-causing organisms.

When the vaccine is injected into the body, the cat's immune system will be benignly stimulated.

If later the cat gets an actual disease, its immune system will be ready to recognize and fight the disease

completely or reduce the severity of the disease.