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who does not know the delicacy of this one food, its mother shape and has many toppings on it make this food very easy to eat.

remember, but do you know the history behind pizza, take a good look at the article below so you understand about pizza.

Pizza is a typical Italian food that has a savory taste and is round and flat, how to cook it by baking it in the oven and topping it with toppings.

such as tomato sauce and cheese or also other food ingredients that can be selected according to taste. The cheese used is usually mozzarella,

can also parmesan and several other types of cheese.

There are many types of pizza toppings including, meat and sauce, salami and pepperoni, ham, bacon, fruit such as pineapple and olives,

vegetables such as chilies and peppers, as well as onions, mushrooms and many others.

Pizza is usually sold in restaurants, bought at wholesale or supermarket markets, and as time goes by, pizza can also be ordered over the phone.

or through the website.

proses pizza

The way to make pizza is by twisting the bread dough to make it flat. then baked in the oven and added various toppings on it.

In some pizza shops, the activity of rotating bread dough is used as an attraction to attract customers. Pizza is very good to eat while warm

The word "piza" comes from Italian: pizza, which usually means "paste, cake and tart". Pizza originates from Italy. and every pizza

Approximately 30 cm in diameter, pizza dough is usually shaped by pulling and rotating it so that it becomes thin.

the secret of delicious pizza is in the roasting process which is done in a traditional oven with hot coals,

if using a modern oven / electric oven pizza dough will usually be hard when baking using a modern oven.

oven tradisional

The pizza that was known to ancient people, is not the same shape as the pizza in modern times. The pizza we know today dates back to around 1600,

the pizza at that time was not added with tomato sauce / topping on it. Then in the 1800's pizza with tomato sauce was brought by Italian immigrants

who came from Naples to New York, United States.

In that period also appeared in Naples pizza sprinkled with mozzarella. by a pizza maker, Raffaele Esposito and his wife

prepared a pizza to be dedicated to the wife of the Italian Emperor Umberto I, made at His Majesty's request.

A pizza that represents the Italian flag: red is tomato sauce, white is mozzarella, and green is basil. Because the Queen is like that

I like the taste of this simple pizza, so the pizza is called Piza Margherita, after the name of the Queen.

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