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no need to go to the gym, shape your own abdominal muscles at home

 if you want to form a sexy and muscular stomach to be everyone's dream, men and women are no exception.

A distended stomach is not only unsightly, but a distended stomach contains fat deposits that can invite disease.

six pack

To have a muscular stomach and a six pack does not require complicated methods. a number of steps can be taken.

The method is also easy with the help of simple tools and you can even do it yourself at home without having to go to the gym

If we do it seriously and consistently, it will form six-pack abdominal muscles. can be realized easily

the following are some ways to quickly form abdominal muscles into a six-pack that you can do at home:

1. Sit ups

The most straightforward exercise for building abdominal muscles is the sit-up, which is also the most effective.

Of course you have to lie down to perform sit ups. Then, position your hands either close to or behind your head.

sit ups

While your legs can be bent. Finally, raise your upper body as forcefully as you can. Keep your feet from rising as well. Afterward, downgrade whether you were accurate. Several times, repeat this motion. Initially, you often only succeed in performing under a count of 10.

However, if you become used to it, you may raise the number of repetitions until you can count in the tens or even hundreds.

2. Crunch


Crunches are the second strategy for developing abdominal muscles.

The exercise known as the crunch is designed to strengthen the upper abdominal muscles. This activity appears at first appearance to be more

Take time to breathe and move. As a result, when you perform crunches, the activity of your abdominal muscles will hold and balance your breath.

You can lay down on the mat to begin this crunch workout. Ensure that your body is in a relaxed position.

After that, vertically flex your knees while holding your hands below your head.

If so, raise the corpse as forcefully as you can if you have. Exercises like crunches are distinct from sit-ups since they focus solely on the chest.

3. Flutter kick

How is a flutter kick executed? You must first lay flat on the mat. Make sure you're lying down comfortably.

Put both palms exactly behind the buttocks after that.

Lift it up to a height of 10 cm after that. Repeat this motion while switching back and forth between your right and left legs.

15 flutter kicks should be performed in each 1x set. If your feet are feeling fatigued, lower them for a little break and then raise them back up when your feet are feeling more at ease.

4. Leg raise

Because both exercises are done while lying down, the leg raise action appears to be quite similar to the flutter kickleg rise.

leg raise

One feature that separates the two is the flutter kick, in which the legs are raised alternately rather than simultaneously as in the other movement.

Leg raises are the next abdominal muscle-building exercise. This workout aims to strengthen the middle and lower abdominal muscles.

You can begin by reclining on the mat so that you can perform leg lifts. Next, extend your legs and place your feet up.

Next, slowly raise your hips while kicking the air.

In order to achieve the best results, perform the leg lift 15 times in one set during each training session.

5. Flank

How are flanks done? the first step is to assume a posture, such as a push-up, and after that


Put your wrists parallel to your elbows in front and parallel to the floor.

Straighten your neck and raise your body with your hands. While the legs are only partially linked to the floor when they are straight back in that position.

By tensing the abdominal muscles, make sure the body is straight. Keep your abdominal muscles tensed. Additionally, feel your butt muscles contract in order to maintain your body's straight posture.

Hold the motion while keeping your breathing regular.

As long as you can, continue doing it.

The longer the period while in the flank posture, the better, but don't force it.

Do the aforementioned actions consistently so that your muscles build fast, just like I mentioned in this conversation.

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