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interesting asia mountains to visit


Some people find mountain climbing to be enjoyable. especially for the adventure-lovers among you.

Climbers have a huge demand for a number of mountains. Maybe you've already overcome one of them.

In addition, Southeast Asia is home to several mountains, including the tallest, that are as beautiful.

Perhaps you'd want to travel to some of Southeast Asia's tallest mountains.

The mountains listed here are only a few you should climb if you consider yourself an explorer. 

1. Mount Everest


The height of Mount Everest is 8,848 meters above sea level. It is situated near the Nepal-Tibet border.

Mount Everest is the tallest peak in the world and the highest mountain in the Asian Continent with this elevation.

In spite of being the tallest garbage can in the world, Mount Everest was first climbed in 1953.

Several people died while waiting in the Death Zone last year.

Climbers might spend up to $100,000 and 45 days to reach the summit of Everest.

A peak of 800 hikers and guides used the South Ridge path, one of the 20 routes, in 2019.

2. Mountain K2 

mountain k2

A mountain named K2 rises 8,614 meters above sea level (masl). On the border between China and Pakistan lies Mount K2. The tallest peak in the world is found in the Karakoram area and is part of a mountain chain that extends from China through Pakistan to India.

Due to its difficulties, K2 Peak is known for being hostile to climbers and is known as "Savage Mountain."

There, nature is ruthless. Even this peak is well-known among climbers due to the fact that it has the second-highest fatality rate among mountains higher than 8,000 meters above sea level.

3. Mount Hkakabo Razi 

Myanmar's Mount Hkakabo Razi is there. Southeast Asia's tallest peak, Mount Hkakabo Razi, rises to a height of 5,881 meters above sea level.

This mountain is renowned for its challenging slopes. Because Mount Hkakabo is covered in a thick rain forest from its base all the way up to its peak, which is 4,600 meters above sea level and covered with snow and glaciers.

The rainforest at the base of Mount Hkakabo is still highly untamed, damp, dark, and home to many ferocious creatures. Pythons, spiders, and malaria mosquitoes are just a few of the creatures to be on the lookout for.

4. Jayawijaya Mountain

mountai indonesia

The second-highest peak is Mount Jayawijaya, which is found in Indonesia's Papua region on the Asian continent. The most well-known peak of this mountain is Carstensz, which rises 4,884 meters above sea level.

The third most challenging peak in the world to climb is Carstensz Peak. The summits of Everest and Denali are situated first and second, respectively.

The two summits are regarded as challenging because to their severe temperatures. There, the temperature may drop as low as -40 degrees Celsius. Carstensz Summit, on the other hand, is regarded as the peak with the most difficulty to climb because to its extremely complicated problems, namely the climbing path.

5. Dhaulagiri mountain

A mountain with an elevation of 8,167 meters is called Dhaulagiri. About 30 km northwest of Mount Everest, this peak is situated in the Himalayas, specifically on the boundary between Nepal and Tibet. The first ascent of Dhaulagiri was made by the Swiss-Austrian-Nepalese team on May 13, 1960.

The success rate for climbing this peak, according to the Himalayan Database, is 60%; around two thirds of climbers can reach the summit without utilizing additional oxygen. 64 climbers have passed away so far throughout the expedition. Although the ascent has been accomplished from a variety of directions, the majority of it has followed the northeast ridge path from the initial ascent.

6. Mount Makalu


Makalu Mountain This peak, which is 8,485 meters high and shaped like a famous pyramid, lies about 19 kilometers southeast of Mount Everest on the Nepal-China border. According to SummitPost, climbing Mount Makalu is a difficult exercise because just five of his first sixteen tries were successful. There have been 22 fatalities overall out of 206 successful ascents thus far.

7. Mount Cho Oyu

At 8,188 meters above sea level, Cho Oyu is the sixth-highest peak in both Asia and the world. In Tibetan, Cho Oyu is known as the "Goddess of Turquoise." About 30 kilometers to the northwest of Mount Everest, this peak is situated in the Himalayas on the Nepal-Tibet (China) border.

Intermediate climbers who desire to attempt the 8,000-meter summit can climb Mount Cho Oyu. There are various paths in Cho Oyu, but the western route through Tibet is by far the most well-known.

8. Mount Puensum 


The highest peak in Bhutan is Gangkhar Puensum, commonly known as Mount Puensum, which also retains the distinction of being the tallest mountain that has never been scaled.

The elevation of this peak is 7,570 meters. "White Peak Three Spiritual Brothers" is the meaning of his name.

On the boundary of the People's Republic of China, this peak may be found. Four expeditions attempted to climb this peak in 1985 and 1986 after the state of Bhutan legalized mountain climbing there in 1983, but the endeavor was unsuccessful. To honor local traditions, Bhutan has barred climbing mountains higher than 6,000 meters since 1994. After 2003, mountaineering was outlawed entirely.

and there are many other mountains in Asia, hopefully the information I provide is very helpful for adventurous friends. 

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